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Understanding all 6 Requirements for the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ Charter Designation Online Education Program 



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1. Professional Experience — A successful CMP™ candidate must have three years of financial or management industry sales, service, and/or support experience to the medical community. One medical client [physician, podiatrist, osteopath, dentist, nurse, PA, PT; etc.] letter of recommendation is required.


CPAs, FAs, RIAs, and related financial service diploma holders [CFA, CFP™ and CIMA, etc] are ideal candidates for the program; as are the burgeoning plethora of various healthcare management consultants and providers [MD, DO, RN, MBA, DBA, PhD, JD, fraud, RAC and financial auditors, HIT or HIMSS experts, etc]. An undergraduate college degree [BA/BS] is mandatory to launch your career in this challenging space.


2a. “Live” Instructor-Led Program Option — A CMP™ candidate may select the instructor-led and 12 month “live” online education program to gain a modern and comprehensive understanding of the financial planning and managerial issues faced by physicians today [no “blue-book” test is required]. The tuition is $6,000. This “live” instructor-led program can not be accelerated. Online group classes are available with this option [Traditional pathway].


2b. “Self-Directed” Program Option  — A CMP™ candidate may elect to accelerate the program through self-study [no “live” instructor] to gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial planning and managerial issues faced by physicians today [a “blue-book” test is required each quarter]. The tuition is $4,000. Group classes are not possible with this option [Alternate pathway].

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All candidates learn how to identify shortfalls in medically focused financial planning and practice management; and how to successfully address contemporary health economics, IT, investing, health administration, insurance, portfolio and risk management topics; as well as post PP-ACA era hospital and clinic management with their ever-changing Health 2.0 issues. So, plan on an estimated 5-10 hours per week of course study for a total of 500 hours/either program/year.


NOTE: Our course curriculum content may be customized based on your background and experience at the discretion of our Dean-of-Admissions . Advanced credit is not usually granted because of the large font of ever-growing knowledge in this ecosystem.


  • “LIVE Instructor-Led Tuition” is $1,500/semester X 4 semesters = $6,000 USD / payable quarterly, in advance. Course textbooks are extra and available from your vendor-of-choice [$250-$500 approximate range]. The non-refundable application fee is $250. The course of study is 12 months.

“Live” instructor-led class format is thrice weekly; 2 week courses/12 courses per quarter-semester; four semesters per year; 48 week total program length. English language, typing and writing proficiency is required. Total max length is 52 weeks.

  • “SELF-DIRECTED Tuition” is $1,000/semester X 4 semesters = $4,000 USD / payable quarterly, in advance. Course textbooks are extra and available from your vendor-of-choice [$250-$500 approximate range]. The non-refundable application fee is $250. The program may be accelerated in less than 52 weeks.

“Self taught” class covers the same content but is “crashed” and accelerated according to student time-line. English language, typing and writing proficiency is required.


3a. Examinations — There are NO examinations for the “live” instructor led program which runs in an asynchronous fashion; via secure PC, anytime or anywhere. Instead of tests, we use E-mail Discussion Activities [EDAs], with 250 word essay type responses and online communication, for deep subject mater under-standing with your “live” instructor; not just lucky guesses. Class expectations, and real-world performance, is therefore high.

See: CMP The Art of eMail Discussions

3b. Examinations — There are four [4] quarterly examinations on a rolling basis for the “self-directed” program which can be accelerated; via secure PC, anytime or any where. Instead of fill-in-the-blank tests, we ask cognitive questions, with 250 word essay type responses for deep subject matter understanding; just as in the “live” program. Self-study expectations, and real-world performance, is also high.

See: cmp-expectations

4. Signed Ethics Statement — Each CMP™ candidate must sign the iMBA Inc, Standard Code of Ethics to verify that the individual pledges to maintain a high standard of conduct, competence, knowledge, professionalism, integrity, objectivity, and fiduciary responsibility in the practice of his or her profession.


5. Continuing Education — On an ongoing basis, over a 24-month cycle, each CMP™ designee must write an original peer-reviewed and accepted textbook chapter, published essay, white-paper or related publication in a format approved by iMBA Press, Inc. Editorial assistance is available. Our targeted library grows in this manner.

And, there is NO recurring CEU fee, or required annual dues; a very unique model in the industry. We seek your insight and brain-power; not your money.


6. Submit a Matriculation Application and Pay a One-Time $250 Non-Refundable Due Diligence Fee — Course acceptance is not automatic and a telephone interview may be required. And, we are focused and selective.

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Need More Information?

Please review this entire website carefully, or contact us directly:

Ann Miller RN MHA [Executive-Director]

  • Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc.
  • Peachtree Plantation – West
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“The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare”

Enter THE CMP’s”




The Disciplinary Process for Miscreant Behavior 

CMP logoLike medical professionals, all licensed Certified Medical Planner™ charter-holders are required to act in accordance with many governing regulations. They are also required to sign off on a Code-of-Ethics confirming they intend to run their advisory and/or management consulting business according to a strict set of ethical and fiduciary standards.

So, if any medical professional client has a complaint against any Certified Medical Planner™ charter-holder, they may submit a complaint to us and we will investigate the matter. All Certified Medical Planner™ designees should act in accordance with the Code-of-Ethics, along with applicable state and federal governing regulatory bodies.

Complaints by US Mail:

Please send the complaint in writing, and include any supporting documents you deem appropriate, to this address:

The Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc

  • Peachtree Planatation West – Office Park
  • Suite #5901 Wilbanks Drive
  • Norcross, GA 30092-1141

Information Required:

The complaint should be accompanied by any and all relevant information surrounding the circumstances, including photocopies of relevant letters, contracts, agreements or other documents.  iMBA Inc may request additional information and may request a personal interview of the alleged offender, if it appears necessary.

The medical community should be aware of normal remedies under state laws, federal laws and related regulations with applicable regulatory bodies and  avail themselves to all avenues [SEC, FINRA, RIA and Insurance Commissioners, etc]. The burden is on the complainant to pursue such remedies. The findings and actions of appropriate regulatory bodies will be given due consideration by iMBA Inc.

Censure and/or loss of license may occur.



SEEKING: Director of Learning – Technology and Innovation

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Date Posted: 04/02/2015 Part Time/Temporary: Regular Employment/Contract Work: Employment Visa Waiver Available: N/A

Job Description

We are working with iMBA Inc in recruiting a Director of Learning – Technology and Innovation www.MedicalBusinessAdvisors.com


This Director oversees adult online Certified Medical Planner™ e-learning programs and drives learning initiatives for all technology systems, including large scale system implementations. This “stand-out” person will also develop and execute a web/interactive learning strategy, and be a thought-leader on best practices at all levels of the organization.

Qualifications include:

A Masters degree in business, training, education, finance, accounting or economics, technology and/or development, organizational effectiveness, or related field[s]:

  • 10 years of progressively responsible management and leadership experience.
  • Experience in the multiple industries we serve is preferred.
  • Proven ability to influence and gain support of senior leaders and CXOs through effective presentations.
  • Experience in innovating new and current ways to design and execute adult online learning, and proven track record of working with web and virtual based systems.
  • Strong project management skills, with experience in various project management tools and applications.
  • Possess strong leadership, management, and planning capabilities; proven strategic and problem solving ability; high energy; and charisma.

Open Call Until filled.

CONTACT: Ann Miller RN MHA MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com

iMBA Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer. iMBA Inc will provide all applicants for employment and all employees with an equal opportunity regardless of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, disability, matriculation, political affiliation, source of income, or place of business or residence.




We believe that by writing and sharing our experiences in standard textbook, white-paper and new media electronic format, our experts are able to address most areas of physician-focused financial planning, business or medical practice management needs in an understandable and unbiased manner.

But, we recognize that some consultants and financial advisors may appreciate reading current medical business management theory, healthcare economics, technology or financial planning information privately, prior to becoming a Certified Medical Planner® professional.

However, there is a virtual information overload out there, little of which addresses the pragmatic concerns of the modern medical provider or healthcare industry. None imparts the wisdom to become a better financial advisor or medical management consultant. All motivate the purchase of products.

Therefore, as part of the iMBA Research Library for the Certified Medical Planner® program, we highly recommend the following in-house produced books. You may even recognize some of our nationally known contributing authors and CMPs®.


iMBA Inc offers links to these publications, to members, and non-members, alike:


  • Q: Are CEUs required? Yes; bi-annually to maintain licensure.
  • Q: Is there a mandated test? No exams, booklets, or test centers.
  • Q: There is a hefty CEU fee, right? No CEU fees.
  • Q: How about annual dues? Again, no.
  • Q: OK: please explain?

We are different. How?

Maintenance of Certification [MOC]

Each Certified Medical Planner® professional must author de-novo, or co-author with us, a peer-reviewed essay, textbook chapter or white-paper on an assigned topic suitable for professional level publication. No ghost-writing, vanity, self-publications or purchased content is allowed. This innovative Maintenance of Certification [MOC] requirement allows us to continually create and update our iMBA Inc, library of textbooks, dictionaries, CDs, WW-Ps and handbooks, etc.

IOW: When it comes to MOC – we want cognitive input – not money.

Sample publication: Brian Knabe CMP – CEU Publication

Yes, we really are different!

“The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare”


Risk Management, Liability Insurance, and Asset Protection Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™8Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™

Product DetailsProduct Details

Three Suggested Health Administration Dictionaries

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details







If you are a like-minded individual Financial Advisor, CPA, Registered Investment Advisor, Broker-Dealer, management consultant, employment agency or recruiting firm that believes in our “educational value proposition” and lucrative niche market, you are invited to help us recruit Certified Medical Planner® charter-holders to increase our numbers, notoriety and gravitas.

Most importantly, to help medical providers who are struggling in the healthcare industrial complex. And, of course, augment your brand name, business strategy and CMP® recognition, too! How?

Just Print-On-Demand this front and back two [2] page file, fold along the dotted lines, and create a Tri-Fold brochure that describes “who we are” and “what we do”. Heavy-weighted construction paper works best. Then, distribute to your own membership, sphere of influence, employees or other interested parties.

Brochure: CMP Brochure

You may also send out this form letter-of-invitation on our official stationary.

Letter: Letterhead CMP


The Medical Executive-Post maintains job listings, as well as information about fellowships, internships, graduate programs, awards and other resources to help  subscribers continue learning and advancing in their careers.


“The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare”




Corporate Sponsors – Forge a strategic alliance relationship and fast mover partnership with iMBA Inc, and the Certified Medical Planner® program.

The Institute of Medical Business Advisors Inc – an educational network – conducts original research, produces textbooks, tools, CD-ROMs, handbooks, health administration dictionaries and compelling online content.  We also sponsor the prestigious Certified Medical Planner® online education and professional designation charter program.

Most importantly, we facilitate a client referral exchange that integrates management and financial solutions so doctors can build their medical practices and enrich their lives. Our products, education and service segments serve physicians, dentists, podiatrists, osteopaths, nurses, hospitals, clinics and all other members of the healthcare community. We also serve financial advisors, institutions, private equity funds, hedge and mutual funds, broker-dealers, RIAs and their traditional onground or website marketing initiatives.

By your corporate support of us, you achieve recognition in a national marketplace that represents “thought-leaders” and visionaries of the healthcare industrial and financial industry complex.

For example, we have networked with Fortune 500 healthcare technology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as financial service corporations and business management consultants; both large and small.

We represent diverse investment opportunities, potential clients and an expanding economic future.

Contact: MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com or call 770.448.0769

“The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare”



Despite the ravages of managed care, market competition, the ACA and insurance reform, doctors [MD, DO, DPM, DDS, DVM, OD, DNP, DC] and other medical providers [CRNA, PA, NP, ANP, RN] are still high-income earners; although they may not be prodigious savers or savvy investors.

They are besieged with federal and state policy mandates, rules and regulations, and often work 80-plus hour weeks. Business acumen may not be good, either. Thus, there is a tremendous need for integrated financial planning and medical management advice that makes them ideal clients for the modern Certified Medical Planner™.

But, doctors also realize that they are targeted by impostors on all levels. And, in as much as time compressed medical providers are often difficult clients to meet, acquire and work with; some may not accept poseurs gracefully.

Moreover, the American Medical Association [AMA] is considered out-of-touch with today’s physicians despite a recent multi-million dollar campaign to overhaul its brand image. The effort increased membership by 2.5 percent, but didn’t turn around a decade long decline. The AMA jettisoned its logo, overhauled its marketing, and launched a mix of print, TV and radio spots. Nevertheless, it represents less than 15 percent of the more than 800,000 doctors in the United States; a fact used against it during hearings by rival lobbies such as the health insurance industry. And, contrary to the belief of many FAs and consultants, the association has lost political might, too! [Chicago Tribune, May 24, 2006]. Some consider it a relic of the past; especially younger physicians with other advanced degrees who may be more sophisticated in their own right.

For the contemporary doctor, it’s a unit-of-one health economy out-there, where “Me Inc.” is now the standard and physicians must maneuver for advantages that boost credibility among patients and payers. They must challenge conventional wisdom, and think outside-the-box to recapture their dreams and ambitions. They need the assistance of an informed CMP™ practitioner.

Like medical specialists, as an FA or consultant, you must differentiate yourself, too. You must learn something new and unknown by your FA competitors. You must earn your educational accomplishments and let the world know. Be a non-conformist. The conformity of collaboration may be an emerging financial services industry standard, but it also may be a straitjacket on creativity. FAs and consultants should create and innovate; not blindly follow FPA and other leaders into oblivion.

And so, understand that the present is not necessarily the future. Attempt to see the future and discern your place in it. Master the art of the quick change, and fast but informed decision making. Do what you love, disregard what you don’t, and let the fate’s have their way with you. Then, decide for yourself if you should become a CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ fiduciary or adhere to yesterday’s entrenched bureaucracy. Here is a strong argument to “raise the bar”.


Specialty All Physicians Starting East West South North
Allergy and Immunology $207,278 $154,080 $193,480 $210,802 $204,870 $206,241
Anesthesiology $315,300 $250,000 $275,000 $298,000 $334,200 $334,033
Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery $421,620 $310,000 $387,298 $343,050 $421,240 $469,860
Cardiology $336,000 $280,000 $264,900 $343,646 $386,957 $369,566
Colon & Rectal Surgery $327,927 **** $300,000 **** **** $350,798
Critical Care Medicine $228,740 **** $220,235 **** $227,242 $228,740
Dermatology $274,014 $200,000 $225,000 $289,409 $322,138 $263,201
Diagnostic Radiology – Interventional $410,250 $320,000 $345,860 $410,000 $537,942 $410,250
Diagnostic Radiology – Non-Interventional $364,899 $257,367 $330,000 $350,224 $383,319 $383,256
Emergency Care $230,930 $175,500 $200,327 $228,814 $225,905 $239,984
Endocrinology $185,000 $140,000 $166,675 $185,000 $177,665 $201,241
Family Medicine $164,209 $120,000 $141,225 $166,750 $163,417 $168,488
Family Medicine – with Obstetrics $163,334 $125,000 $140,643 $162,352 $161,421 $167,222
Gastroenterology $308,246 $250,000 $263,594 $325,698 $325,033 $306,994
General Surgery $294,000 $200,000 $250,028 $275,336 $301,761 $330,903
Geriatrics $159,492 **** $150,000 **** $158,400 $170,278
Gynecological Oncology $334,009 **** $290,795 $345,355 **** $347,005
Gynecology $217,283 **** $220,794 **** $224,420 $217,256
Gynecology & Obstetrics $250,196 $180,000 $232,276 $240,118 $258,756 $275,419
Hematology & Medical Oncology $255,007 $200,000 $207,300 $261,004 $293,043 $255,007
Hospitalist $171,991 $150,000 $153,515 $175,084 $183,775 $171,913
Hypertension & Nephrology $214,751 $165,000 $186,683 $238,750 $253,228 $214,751
Infectious Disease $185,920 $140,111 $161,206 $179,402 $175,000 $203,640
Intensivist $231,111 **** **** $230,391 **** ****
Internal Medicine $169,569 $120,000 $158,824 $171,246 $167,740 $170,511
Neonatology $229,486 $165,000 $242,492 $222,750 $223,312 $232,738
Neurological Surgery $465,006 $400,000 $352,352 $495,266 $553,500 $465,006
Neurology $201,241 $151,960 $180,882 $199,614 $204,000 $201,241
Nuclear Medicine (M.D. only) $268,450 **** **** $277,193 **** $267,500
Obstetrics $240,165 **** **** $228,813 $280,145 $232,180
Occupational/Environmental Medicine $181,716 $140,000 $157,611 $182,159 $173,541 $187,470
Ophthalmology $264,422 $177,500 $232,863 $254,743 $276,280 $304,994
Oral Surgery $308,320 **** **** **** $283,476 $320,007
Orthopedic Surgery $381,429 $250,000 $336,163 $374,942 $390,270 $393,249
Orthopedic-Medical $252,803 **** $326,938 $250,650 **** $219,502
Orthopedic Surgery – Joint Replacement $450,000 **** **** $456,912 **** $449,839
Orthopedic Surgery – Hand $389,997 **** $335,000 $378,000 **** $393,497
Orthopedic Surg.-Pediatrics $389,997 **** **** **** **** $389,999
Orthopedic Surgery – Spine $518,937 **** **** $574,345 **** $433,658
Otolaryngology $303,000 $210,000 $250,390 $282,966 $303,011 $320,007
Pathology (M.D. only) $250,000 **** $245,422 $247,764 $252,000 $268,500
Pediatric Allergy $186,523 **** **** **** **** $186,523
Pediatric Cardiology $219,992 **** **** **** **** $221,492
Pediatric Endocrinology $169,958 **** **** **** **** $168,000
Pediatric Gastroenterology $193,193 **** **** **** **** $190,345
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology $195,249 **** **** $193,387 $198,940 $196,897
Pediatric Intensive Care $200,000 **** **** **** $200,000 $200,000
Pediatric Nephrology **** **** **** **** **** ****
Pediatric Neurology $185,212 **** **** **** **** $192,528
Pediatric Pulmonary Disease $158,429 **** **** **** **** ****
Pediatric Surgery $326,399 **** **** **** **** $354,871
Pediatrics & Adolescent $169,267 $115,000 $155,916 $168,301 $191,511 $168,609
Pediatric Infectious Disease $173,993 **** **** **** **** $173,993
Perinatology $341,922 **** $246,597 $336,537 **** $399,360
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation $193,468 $145,000 **** $183,362 $204,775 $201,993
Plastic & Reconstruction $328,764 $220,020 $273,000 $344,059 $344,998 $353,983
Psychiatry $177,000 $135,000 $155,673 $197,021 $168,160 $177,000
Psychiatry – Child $192,416 **** **** $220,055 **** $183,621
Pulmonary Disease $222,000 $163,626 $199,831 $249,865 $225,400 $228,359
Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) $334,171 **** $285,940 $343,844 $328,350 $368,240
Reproductive Endocrinology $263,568 **** **** **** **** ****
Rheumatologic Disease $188,260 $150,000 $153,000 $192,026 $181,525 $193,301
Sports Medicine $193,573 **** **** **** **** ****
Surgical Pathology (M.D. only) $ $ **** **** **** ****
Surgical Sports Medicine $391,497 **** $485,670 $459,592 **** $389,997
Transplant Surgery – Kidney $345,000 **** **** **** **** $379,995
Transplant Surgery – Liver $349,788 **** **** **** **** $379,995
Trauma Surgery $312,272 **** $265,457 **** $310,385 $352,352
Urgent Care $176,353 $125,500 $179,300 $179,357 $180,395 $173,683
Urology $324,690 $219,229 $270,493 $302,600 $351,585 $358,008
Vascular Surgery $335,642 $221,500 $297,636 $318,388 $337,762 $350,000

Source: MGMA Physician Compensation Survey, 2007.

According to Russ Alan Prince, there are 50,000 physicians with a net-worth of more than 5 million dollars; controlling more than 375 billion dollars.


Locum Tenens Specialty Compensation per 8 Hour Shift

CRNA $720 to $880
Family Practice $400 to $450
Internal Medicine $400 to $450
Pediatrics $400 to $430
OB/GYN $600 to $800
Hospitalist $520 to $760
General Surgeon $650 to $750
Orthopedic Surgeon $800 to $900
Neurosurgeon $1,300 to $1,400
Anesthesiologist $1,000 to $1,500
Psychiatrist $500 to $600
Radiologist $1,200 to $1,500
Cardiologist $600 to $750

The Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc

So, what’s next? We believe in Predictive Analysis, the scientific name for using a data ware-house and gut heuristic feelings to determine where business intelligence is headed. It involves running historic data from the medical and finance industries, using mathematical algorithms, neural and Bayesian networks, and decision-trees; to identify patterns, trends and predictable future outcomes. The ability to make such a guess is the key to success; and exploring new niche market opportunities.

The idea isn’t new; insurance companies have used actuarial tables for years, and actuaries use Predictive Analysis to assign credit-risk score to borrowers.

What’s different now is that iMBA is using Predictive Analysis as an ethical and high-level cognitive prospecting tool to assist the medical profession; because Healthcare Administration and Finance Matters. The result is a re-engineered financial advisor and medical management consultant. To the benefit of all concerned.

The Next-Generation of Health 2.0 Financial Advisors for Physicians