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The records of the United States Copyright Office show that an application for registration of the Copyright Marks: CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ was filed in the Office; that the application was examined and determined to be in compliance with the requirements of the law and with the regulations prescribed by the Director of the United States Copyright Office; and that the Applicant is entitled to registration of the Copyright Mark under the Copyright Act, of 1976. This registration was also for a copyright of all published textbooks, CDs, white papers, subscriptions and internet electronic website produced by editor David Edward Marcinko, iMBA, Inc., and other contributors, and/or used for the iMBA Virtual University online CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ curriculum, as well as the term, trade name and State of Georgia mark: CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™. It shall remain in force and in-progress with periodic updates, unless terminated earlier as provided by law, and subject to compliance with the provisions of the Act of 1976, as amended.

Registration number: TXU 543-698. Examiner: M4T Application Date: November 1, 1992. Registration Date: November 4, 1992. First use: January 3, 1993. First publication date: February 25, 1993. First use in commerce: April 12, 1993 E-Publication date: December 15, 1999. Georgia State Trade Name Registration Update: March 22, 2004; Federal copyright update TX: 6-274-657, November 4, 2005.

iMBA, Inc., is not a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), member of the National Association of Securities Dealers ( NASD), the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), CFP-Board of Standards in Denver or the Financial Planning Association (FPA). It is not a member of the American Medical, Podiatric, Osteopathic, Optometric or Dental Associations. It is not a custodian of funds, nor does it have or facilitate Assets Under Management (AUM). As a fully independent B2B education and consulting firm, it does not work with lay clients; but only with financial services and medical professionals. It is not registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). But, iMBA, Inc., is an approved medical HONCode member, based in Geneva, Switzerland. iMBA, Inc., is also a registered member of the Microsoft Partner Program (#1608408).

The Institute of MEDICAL BUSINESS ADVISORS, Inc., the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ license plate logo, the Certified Medical Planner™ block designation marks and the iMBA Inc., mark (with italicized “i” logo) are copyright and certification marks owned by the Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc. iMBA certifies individuals to use the iMBA™ marks, logo, CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ marks and/or Certified Medical Planner™ (with i logo) certification marks. Certified Medical Planner™ certification is granted only by the Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc. to those who, in addition to completing certain education requirement, such as the iMBA Virtual University™ on-line Board-Certification Program, among other designations and/or degrees, and have met its ethics, experience, CEU, fiduciary and examination requirements.

iMBA, Inc., or is not associated with the College for Financial Planning, American College in Bryn Mawr, PA; the Certified Financial Planner™ Board of Standards, Inc., in Denver, CO; the CFA Institute (formerly Association for Investment Management and Research, in Charlottesville, VA), or the Financial Planning Association (FPA), in any way. As a wholly independent, online and onground, B2B health economics teaching and consulting entity, void of public contact or interest, it has no intention of affiliation with these or any non-fiduciary organizations at this time, or the foreseeable future.

CFP™, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and CFP™ (with flame logo) are certification marks owned by the Certified Financial Planner™ Board of Standards, Inc. The College for Financial Planning does not certify individuals to use the CFP™. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ or CFP™ (with flame logo) certification marks. CFP™ certification is granted only by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards to those persons who, in addition to completing an education requirement such as this CFP™ Board-Registered Program, have met its ethics, experience, and examination requirements. CFP™ certificants may not be fiduciaries.

Copyright Notice

All documents available on this website, or our sponsor’s website may be protected under the US and foreign copyright laws. Permission to reproduce any iMBA, Inc., or CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ publications, presentations, or any other information from this, or our other websites is required in writing from iMBA, Inc. iMBA, Inc., retains all rights to the information provided by this service, including, but not limited to, the right of distribution.

Disclaimer of Liability

With respect to information available from this web site, neither iMBA Inc., or any employees or CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter-holders make any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Information may be incomplete or condensed. The information available on this site is intended for information purposes only and is not intended as financial, investment, legal, accounting, management or health economic business advice. And, we champion the visually impaired.

Disclaimer of Endorsement

Reference herein to any specific commercial products, investment, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation by iMBA, Inc. iMBA, Inc., is not responsible for the contents of any off-site pages referenced.

Limitation of Jurisdiction

By accessing, transmitting or viewing any information within this web site, or our corporate website, you agree to be subject to Gwinnett County personal jurisdiction in the State of Georgia. Any transaction or occurrence arising out of accessing, transmitting or viewing any information on this web site shall be judged in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia. iMBA, Inc., is a State of Georgia domiciled corporation.


iMBA, Inc., original materials and those other materials that have been assigned to the Institute are protected under copyright laws. These materials include Certified Medical Planner™ program materials, journal articles, promotional materials, books, CD-ROMS, tools and templates, .pdf files, PPT and MSFT-WORD presentations, educational products and other publications in print and on the Internet. iMBA., Inc., has legal, enforceable rights to its copyrighted materials and CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ marks. Anyone who wishes to use or reprint them must get written permission from iMBA, Inc.

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    The Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc. the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ online educational program, and its iMBA Virtual University has a firm commitment to protect your privacy. This Privacy Statement discloses our policies regarding the information we obtain from you and how we limit and protect the uses to which that information is put. We are committed to building the trust and confidence of our medical, business, accounting, IT, legal and financial advisory colleagues and users by promoting the principles of disclosure and informed consent.

    Accordingly, we wish to notify you about: What information is collected from you through the iMBA, Inc. or CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ website. How that information may be used, including with whom it may be shared. Choices you have about collection, use and distribution of your information. How you can access, update or delete your information. Security precautions regarding loss, misuse or alteration of your information.

    These policies apply only to the site, which consists solely of those web pages we control. You should determine what privacy policies apply to other web sites before providing information to them. If you have questions or concerns regarding these policies, or any other aspect of the site or your use of it, please contact us by e-mail.

    What Information is Collected and How We Collect It Through your use of the Site. We may obtain various types of contact and user information from you, such as your IP (or Internet) address, practice, hospital, clinic and user names, email addresses, account, demographic and profile information such as zip code, age, medical specialty and income level. We also collect and store statistics and other information about the online activities of our visitors on an aggregated basis. For example, we may track the number of people who view each page. We obtain information several ways. Some is required as part of the system use process. Additional, information is gathered through “cookies”, which deposit special codes on your computer. And, we may conduct online surveys in which you provide additional personal information. As noted below, there are ways you can limit some of the information we obtain, or the ways we use that information.

    We generally use your information only to operate the site and make your experience more efficient, effective and enjoyable. As a general practice, we do not distribute or otherwise give away your personally identifiable information to any other party, except in limited circumstances such as compliance with law, to affiliated advisors, or with your permission, as noted below. Thus, we would not give your name, email address or other personal information to mass marketers. Most uses of your information are for site administration, such as processing questions and tracking survey replies, diagnosing problems with our server, security issues, or collecting contributions for educational information. We may also use this information to contact you for operational purposes, such as answering opinion questions, TQI or solving problems. We use demographic and profile data to tailor your experience, to content we think you might be interested in or tailoring the way the site is presented. We may also use it to provide you with information about iMBA, Inc. or to send you educational material from alliance partners.

    You may opt-out from receiving promotional materials and mailings as described below. We sometimes share aggregated data with some of our independent alliance partners. However, none of this information identifies you in any way without your consent. For example, we may share data that show a certain percentage of users have a certain financial, asset management, practice enhancement or IT need, but there would be no identification of specific users. Only if you consent, will we share personal, identifiable data about you to third parties. For example, if on particular pages where we ask for personal information, you can be assured that the data we ask for may be only shared with iMBA Inc., affiliated third parties. Other examples include where we collect data through Q and A’s, polls or surveys or when you contact us for a referral or further information. In such instances, we will often tell you how we will use this data, and with whom we will share it; and if you then provide us with the requested information, we may share it as described, despite anything else in these policies to the contrary. In such instances, you will have the opportunity to avoid such use, either by not participating in the session or survey, or by opting out as described below.

    Choices Regarding Collection, Use and Distribution of Information – Opting Out. We may send you emails or other information that we, or some of our advisors offer, and that we believe may be of special interest to you. Only iMBA Inc., (or our agents who are required to comply with these policies) or our affiliates and advisors, will send you these materials. If you do not wish to receive these materials, you may opt out from such information contacts. You may indicate that you do not wish to receive our emails by simply informing us, or the affiliated advisor. You also have choices concerning cookies. Your Internet browser allows you to accept all cookies, be notified when a cookie is sent or reject all cookies. However, if you reject cookies, we may not be able to customize the content we show you or otherwise learn your preferences. There may also be services that require the use of cookies. This may negatively affect your site experience. In addition, although we do not plan to advertise, we may in the future place limited educational advertising on the site that originates from outside experts or affiliated parties. In some cases, if you click on these materials, a cookie may be sent to your computer. We do not control these cookies.

    Other Security Issues. Although no use of the Internet is 100% secure, the site uses security measures to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of your information under our control. We do not always use industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, which makes it difficult but not impossible for third parties to access information on the Site. In addition, your individual advisor’s account information, if established, is password protected so only you have access to it. We recommend you not divulge your password to anyone, that you use a combination of letters and numbers in your password and that you change your password regularly.

    Changes In Policies; Terms and Conditions. We may change these policies from time to time. If any such changes materially and adversely affect the use of your information, we will generally refer to such changes on the site for a period of time, although our failure to do so will not affect the applicability of such changes. Accordingly, we recommend that you check back to review these policies from time to time, particularly if you have not visited the site for some time. All copyright, trade and service marks are held by their respective owners.

    OPT-IN PERMISSION: Thank you for accepting our invitation to respond to this website/email, and your permission for selected future communications. If unwanted, please email your reply with the word “cancel” to be removed from our list-serve.

    # # #

    The Institute of Medical Business advisors, Inc., is a leader in promoting and integrating personal financial planning and medical practice management principles through its online CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ professional designation program. iMBA, Inc., also offers a wide range of books, white papers, CD-ROMs, thought leadership essays, lectures and adult learning opportunities and referral services that keep pace with rapid changes in the domestic healthcare administration space. The Certified Medical Planner fiduciary marks also provide a symbol of excellence for financial service professionals to validate their economic commitment and financial advisory expertise to medical providers and the healthcare industrial complex. Through its broad-based virtual structure and competitive research and development projects, iMBA, Inc., ensures that all stakeholders are represented in establishing an informed, ethical and meaningful voice with fiduciary accountability for the health industry.

    For more information, please contact iMBA, Inc., Corporate Counsel.

    Raising the Bar – CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare

  2. Ann Miller RNM MHA

    Florida State CMP™ Compliance Verification Department

    Victor M. Galvez, Jr.
    Financial Examiner/Analyst II
    Florida Office of Financial Regulation
    401 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite N-708
    Miami, FL 33128
    Direct: (305) 536-0417
    Facsimile: (305) 810-1100

    Contact info submitted FYI.
    Thank you.

    Ann Miller RNM MHA

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