If you are a like-minded individual Financial Advisor, CPA, Registered Investment Advisor, Broker-Dealer, management consultant, employment agency or recruiting firm that believes in our “educational value proposition” and lucrative niche market, you are invited to help us recruit Certified Medical Planner® charter-holders to increase our numbers, notoriety and gravitas.

Most importantly, to help medical providers who are struggling in the healthcare industrial complex. And, of course, augment your brand name, business strategy and CMP® recognition, too! How?

Just Print-On-Demand this front and back two [2] page file, fold along the dotted lines, and create a Tri-Fold brochure that describes “who we are” and “what we do”. Heavy-weighted construction paper works best. Then, distribute to your own membership, sphere of influence, employees or other interested parties.

Brochure: CMP Brochure

You may also send out this form letter-of-invitation on our official stationary.

Letter: Letterhead CMP


The Medical Executive-Post maintains job listings, as well as information about fellowships, internships, graduate programs, awards and other resources to help  subscribers continue learning and advancing in their careers.


“The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare”


3 responses to “CMP® RECRUITING FIRMS

  1. Response regarding the CMP™ program from a participant:

    I am about half way through the Certified Medical Planner™ program currently. Regarding those financial advisors with a physician focused clientele I would recommend you take the course. I don’t know of any alternative that compares to the course. I have a graduate degree in business with a focus on finance, have completed the 6 course program for CFP™ certification, have passed FINRA series 7, 9, 10, 63, 65, Insurance exam, etc., have been full time in the business since 1989 working for 2 major wirehouses, own firm and now fee-only RIA. None of the past training I have had has given me any specific understanding or skills of being an effective financial advisor to physicians.

    The course fills in the gap.

    There are plenty of physicians that need a qualified financial advisor out there, so I wouldn’t worry about how many other CMPs™ are out there (not many anyway). I am taking the course primarily to understand issues relating to my physician clients regarding their finances so that I can become a better advisor to them.

    I think most prospective physician clients are really unfamiliar with our business. Most physicians have spent their lives deep in the study of medicine. The ones I come across that have some awareness of our business are typically looking for a fee-only advisor because they become disgusted once they find out the prevalence of conflicts of interest in our industry with sales commission driven advisors and “fee-based” advisors. So educating new prospective physician clients is important and letting them know you have taken the time and expense to get the CMP™ designation in order for you to become a better advisor to physicians is a big plus.

    The course is legit. This isn’t a designation that is handed out after a test. You will have email correspondence usually 3 times a week with assignments and instructions. The instructors know their stuff and the few books you are required to buy are very helpful and worth it. When you consider the quality of the course material and instruction and do the math, I think $6,000 is a good deal for a year’s worth of instruction. If it helps you become a better physician focused advisor even for just one physician client it is well worth it financially. There is personal satisfaction (what is that worth?) also knowing that you are doing a good job for someone that the system has generally failed at.

    I hope this helps. I am happy to give my unbiased, unpaid opinion on the CMP™ to any considering the course at

    David K. Luke, MIM
    Physician Financial Advisor
    Certified Medical Planner™ candidate

  2. Job Opportunity

    I have an opening for a Certified Medical Planner™ starting 1st, March, 2013 in Aurora, CO. Please contact me immediately if interested.

    John Chubb; VP
    ARGO Systems, LLC
    1362 Mellon Road, Suite 100
    Hanover, MD 21076-3174
    Phone: 410-768-2444
    Fax: 410-850-4071

  3. CMP

    If you are willing to become a Certified Medical Planner, this blog gives you all the information that you need to know.

    Dr. Probius

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