The elite CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter designation program is a one year (four academic quarters) 500 hour integrated, live and asynchronous, online course-of-study offered exclusively by iMBA, Inc.

For the most effective distance education and adult-learning, we use a multi-sensory combination of website content, downloadable .pdf and/or MS-WORD files, templates, MSFT-PPT presentations, and/or other required and optional textbooks, manuals and Journals produced only by iMBA for our financial professionals, consultants and physician colleagues. The Certified Medical Planner™ course may be “crashed” in six months upon special permission from the Academic Dean. Group on-ground education is also available by special request.

Typical CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter-designation holders are business consultants, accountants, financial planners and financial advisors; attorneys, insurance professionals, investment advisors and wealth managers; physician-executives, nurse-managers, hospital, practice or clinic CXOs; and registered representatives with fiduciary accountability and compliance department approval.

Best of all, we customize the last quarter as you learn and complete each semester with your live online instructor, through a series of secure e-mail transmissions in the privacy of your own home or office, and whenever busy life schedules allow … it is that operationally easy.

Course instructors are typically available for questions, concerns or technical explanations by secure email or private telephonic appointments.

NOTE: Application does not imply acceptance. Applicant selection and ultimate matriculation is a competitive process.

National Mark Coyright and International Notoriety

The trademark CMP™ and professional designation Certified Medical Planner™ copyright is also confirmed by CACI International. A public company since 1962, CACI is a member of the Fortune 1000’s Largest Companies and Russell 1000 index. The Chairman and CEO of CACI Inc., is Dr. JP (Jack) London. Both terms, copyright and trademark are owned by the Institute of Medical Business Advisors Inc [iMBA, Inc]. All rights reserved. USA.


CMP Niche


Raising the Bar – CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ – The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare

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13 responses to “WHITHER THE CMP® MARK?


    Sherry Cooper
    National Compliance Services, Inc.
    Verification Supervisor
    561.330.7645 ext 208
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  2. To: Ann Miller RN MHA

    I would be happy to discuss the CMP® program with anyone interested. CMP® is a great program and worth every penny. It is just what I needed to focus my practice on physicians and has given me the confidence to be a better advisor for docs.

    I just want to complete the program before you guys realize you are not charging enough! Please have him/her or them, call me.

    David K. Luke MIM
    [Financial Advisor – Fee Only]
    Net Worth Advisory Group
    9980 South 300 West Suite 110
    Sandy, Utah 84070
    Ph: (801) 937-9103 Toll Free: (877) 366-5853
    Fax: (801) 566-6688
    Web: http://www.networthadvice.com


    iMBA Inc. first released its Certified Medical Planner™ identification logo in January 2004.

    The unique license-plate design was developed in-house, as each blue ribbon floral embraces the CMP trademark, integrating physician focused financial planning concepts with medical practice management principles.

    iMBA Inc. was established in 2000 as a consortium of business focused physicians, medical providers, health economists, accountants, financial planning practitioners and practice management educators serving the profession.

    Today, the CMP™ logo is federally trade-marked and the Institute of Medical Business Advisors Inc. is the place to go where “learning is A+”

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  4. Ann Miller RN MHA

    Dear FINRA Investor Education

    We do not want our Certified Medical Planner™ professional designation listed on your website.

    PS: Wasn’t Bernie Madoff the Vice Chairman of FINRA?

    Thank you.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


    Ms. Miller:

    The Professional Designations list is by no means inclusive of all financial professional designations and specifically does not include employee benefit related designations or designations related to finance degrees from accredited colleges or universities.

    Representatives of organizations issuing professional designations may submit their securities or investment professional designation for possible inclusion in FINRA’s list of designations by completing our Professional Designation Form.

    The Certified Medical Planner™ organization may submit the CMP™ designation for consideration if they wish. FINRA reserves the right to determine which designations are appropriate for listing.

    Bruce Spates – Director FINRA Investor Education
    240-386-4962 office
    240-386-4964 fax


    FINRA.org Website Disclaimer

    FINRA does NOT approve or endorse any professional designation. Nor does a designation’s inclusion in this database imply that FINRA considers the designation to be acceptable for use by a registered representative. Furthermore, state securities regulators may prohibit or restrict the use of certain listed designations by registered persons and investment adviser representatives. Please read our disclaimer for important additional information.

  5. Bernie Madoff and FINRA?

    You asked: Wasn’t Bernie Madoff the Vice Chairman of FINRA?
    Answer: Yes he was.

    Madoff wasn’t merely a name associated with FINRA, in some sense Madoff was FINRA. Madoff (Bernie) joined FINRA’s (then NASD’s) Board in 1994 and was its vice chairman while his Ponzi scheme was under way. Madoff (Peter) also made it to that same office at one point. Madoff (Mark) was on the National Adjudicatory Council, a regulatory body that reviews disciplinary decisions made by FINRA. That was an appointed gig courtesy of then CEO Mary Schapiro, who we all know is now chair of the SEC. Madoff (Shana), a compliance officer of Bernie’s until the firm’s collapse, was a member of a compliance advisory committee of FINRA.


    I would run from FINRA if I were you; not a fiduciary among em’. The SEC, too. Stay pure Certified Medical Planners™.



    Protecting their wealth is paramount; acting as their personal CFO will make an advisor invaluable, says New York City based financial planner Nadene Salzman.


    But, there is so much more! I guess she never heard of the Certified Medical Planner™ online education and certification program.

    Hope Rachel Hetico RN MHA CMP™
    [Online Professor]

  7. Ann Miller RN MHA

    Advisors Neglecting Client Health Care Planning, Study Reveals

    Financial advisors need to talk to their clients about health care costs during their retirement years or risk losing them to someone who is willing to have the discussion, says Nationwide Financial.


    That’s why the R&D efforts of our governing board of physician-directors, accountants, financial advisors, academics and health economists identified the need for integrated personal financial planning and medical practice management as an effective first step in the survival and wealth building life-cycle for physicians, nurses, healthcare executives, administrators and all medical professionals.

    Now – more than ever – desperate doctors of all ages are turning to knowledge able financial advisors and medical management consultants for help. Symbiotically too, generalist advisors are finding that the mutual need for extreme niche synergy is obvious.

    But, there was no established curriculum or educational program; no corpus of knowledge or codifying terms-of-art; no academic gravitas or fiduciary accountability; and certainly no identifying professional designation that demonstrated integrated subject matter expertise for the increasingly unique healthcare focused financial advisory niche … Until Now!

    Enter the Certified Medical Planner™ charter professional designation

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  8. Ann Miller RN MHA

    How to Use the CMP™ Marks

    Our Guidelines to use the CMP™ Charter Certification Designation Marks are listed below:

    CMP™ Marks Quick Reference Guidelines

    The purpose of these guidelines is to get you going in the right direction, quickly. When used, the trademarks must be displayed under strict use and reproduction guidelines, or their value as trademarks could be lost.

    • Always use capital letters.
    • Never use periods.
    • Always use the ™ symbol.
    • Always associate with the individual(s) certified by CMP Board.


    • Always use capital letters or small cap font.
    • Always use the ™ symbol.
    • Always associate with the individual(s) certified by the CMP Board.
    • Always use the three components of the design (license plate, “CMP” and ™).
    • Always reproduce the logo design from original artwork.
    • Never alter or modify the logo design.
    • Always associate with the individual(s) certified by CMP Board.
    • Always reproduce the license plate design from original artwork
    • Never alter or modify the license plate design
    • Always associate with the individual(s) certified by CMP Board
    • Whenever possible, use the following tagline in materials that use one of the CMP™ marks.

    The Certified Medical Planner Board of Standards and iMBA Inc. owns the certification marks CMP™ CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™, CMP™ (with license plate design) and CMP™ (with license plate design) in the US, which it awards to individuals who successfully complete CMP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements.

    If you have questions about CMP Board’s trademark usage guidelines, or would like CMP Board to review business materials you are developing that feature the CMP™ certification marks, please contact us at 700-448-0769

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  9. Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am a Doctor of Chiropractic in California. Recently I have closed my practice for reasons I think you are familiar with (Managed Care).

    Now I am looking for another career within medicine that does not involve treating patients. This could be in consulting or management, sales, etc.

    I’m seeking some guidance from others who’ve gone down a similar path. And in case you’re wondering, I found your organization through your text Business of Medial Practice, 3rd edition.

    Currently, I’m reading up on your Certified Medical Planner™ program. Does your organization offer training in other areas of medicine as well? I have no training or background in finance, therefore am not sure if I would be suitable for a career in medical financial planning.

    I would be so appreciative if you could offer any insight on transitioning from practice to other employment areas of medicine, whether that be through the CMP™ program or other unrelated training.

    If you’d like to share your insights, please contact me however you wish. In the mean time I will continue to read your wonderful text book.

    Yours sincerely,

    Paul Picha DC

  10. Is the CFP-BOD, and the CFP® mark, in Jeopardy?

    The CFP® Board’s strategy of punishing some certificate holders over compensation disclosure issues in what critics charge is an arbitrary manner threatens the future of the CFP® designation, according to one of the early leaders of the board who also chaired its disciplinary commission.

    And so, we ask this question.
    Is the CFP-BOD, and the CFP® mark, in Jeopardy?


    Please vote.

    The Editors

  11. Eugene Schmuckler PhD MBA MEd CTS

    Too Many CFPs?

    “Advisors are struggling with a crisis of differentiation,” said Michael Kitces, a certified financial planner and director of research for the Pinnacle Group.

    “Everyone is selling themselves as a fee-based certified financial planner offering customization,” he said.

    As more and more people earn their certified financial planner certifications and become financial planners, the mere fact that one is a financial advisor is no longer the differentiator that it once was, Kitces explained.

    To that point, advisors are increasingly compelled to focus on a niche practice where it’s easier to stand out from the competition and win new clients.

    Eugene Schmuckler PhD MBA EdD

  12. Ann Miller RN MHA

    Building A Niche Advisory Business: It Takes 3 Years For People To Know, Like, And Trust

    According to Michael Kitces, and others, starting a niche business can be very difficult. It’s hard to be a specialist for a particular type of clientele or need that they face from day 1; it takes time to learn the issues and the pain points, and acquire the knowledge and expertise.

    And, even once you have the knowledge and expertise to provide the solutions, there’s still the simple challenge of actually finding clients to whom you can deliver those solutions!

    After all, it’s not enough to just know how to solve the problems of your target clientele; ultimately, people do business with people they know, like, and trust… which means even after getting the expertise, you still have to become known, liked, and trusted.


    Ann Miller RN MHA

  13. iMBA Inc

    The CFP® Board and Financial Planning Association does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by The Certified Medical Planner ™ Chartered Designation Education Program.

    The CMP™ mark is a trademark owned by iMBA, Inc. with copyrighted license plate CMP™ logo.


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