Invite Dr. Marcinko to your next medical, pharmaceutical or financial services seminar.

Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA [Surgeon, Journalist, Healthcare Futurist and Founder of the Certified Medical Planner® program] enjoys public speaking and gives as many talks each year as possible, at a variety of medical society and financial services conferences around the country and world.

These include lectures, workshops and visiting professorships at major academic science centers, keynote lectures for hospitals, economic seminars for health systems, endnote lectures at city and state-wide financial coalitions, and annual engagements for a variety of internal RIA and Broker-Dealer meetings and financial planning conferences.

Invite us to discuss presentation topics for your next event.

Popular Topics [Writing and Speaking]:

Contact: MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com or call 770.448.0769


One response to “SPEAKER’S

  1. Book an iMBA Speaker

    The iMBA Inc, Speakers’ Bureau, helps you find the keynote speakers you need for a medical convention, pharma or a wealth management seminar.

    It is also ideal for RIAs, BDs, mutual fund companies, or financial organizations seeking information for their representatives in the healthcare space.

    You can choose from among dual degree medical or financial professionals with expertise in the areas of financial planning, IT, health law and economics, medical management and the future of healthcare.

    For example, Dr. Brian Knabe CFP® CMP® is active in this space: https://www.savantcapital.com/blogs/BlogAuthors/Knabe.aspx?id=0&pos=4

    Contact us today for our current line-up of available speakers.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

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