We believe that by writing and sharing our experiences in standard textbook, white-paper and new media electronic format, our experts are able to address most areas of physician-focused financial planning, business or medical practice management needs in an understandable and unbiased manner.

But, we recognize that some consultants and financial advisors may appreciate reading current medical business management theory, healthcare economics, technology or financial planning information privately, prior to becoming a Certified Medical Planner® professional.

However, there is a virtual information overload out there, little of which addresses the pragmatic concerns of the modern medical provider or healthcare industry. None imparts the wisdom to become a better financial advisor or medical management consultant. All motivate the purchase of products.

Therefore, as part of the iMBA Research Library for the Certified Medical Planner® program, we highly recommend the following in-house produced books. You may even recognize some of our nationally known contributing authors and CMPs®.


iMBA Inc offers links to these publications, to members, and non-members, alike:


  • Q: Are CEUs required? Yes; bi-annually to maintain licensure.
  • Q: Is there a mandated test? No exams, booklets, or test centers.
  • Q: There is a hefty CEU fee, right? No CEU fees.
  • Q: How about annual dues? Again, no.
  • Q: OK: please explain?

We are different. How?

Maintenance of Certification [MOC]

Each Certified Medical Planner® professional must author de-novo, or co-author with us, a peer-reviewed essay, textbook chapter or white-paper on an assigned topic suitable for professional level publication. No ghost-writing, vanity, self-publications or purchased content is allowed. This innovative Maintenance of Certification [MOC] requirement allows us to continually create and update our iMBA Inc, library of textbooks, dictionaries, CDs, WW-Ps and handbooks, etc.

IOW: When it comes to MOC – we want cognitive input – not money.

Sample publication: Brian Knabe CMP – CEU Publication

Yes, we really are different!

“The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare”


Risk Management, Liability Insurance, and Asset Protection Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™8Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™

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Three Suggested Health Administration Dictionaries

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3 responses to “LIBRARY, BOOKS – CEUs

  1. Ann Miller RN MHA

    iMBA Inc, Textbook and Publishing Partners
    [Meet our partners in growth]

    In our attempt to provide high quality integrated services and solutions in the healthcare management and medical financial planning space, we frequently build strong alliances with like-minded companies providing complementary products and services. By working closely with our educational, textbook, essay, trade magazine and white-paper production partners, we empower our own Certified Medical Planner™ professionals, candidates, partners and clients to be better meet your needs.

    Partial-Working List:

    * American College of Physician Executives
    * Aspen Publishers
    * Aventis Pharmaceuticals
    * Comprehensive Practice Accounting
    * Deloitte Consulting
    * Dell Computer Healthcare Division
    * Financial Planning Association
    * Health Capital Consultants, LLC
    * Journal of Health Care Finance
    * Jones and Bartlett Publishers
    * Medical Group Management Association
    * Panel Publishing
    * Springer Publishing Company
    * Superior Consultant Company
    * University of Wisconsin School of Medicine

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  2. David K. Luke MIM

    “Business of Medical Practice”
    Transformational Health 2.0 Skills for Doctors, Third Edition
    Springer Publishing, New York

    This is the practice “Bible” for all physician owners and physician financial advisors.

    With thirty seven chapters and over 700 pages this is mandatory reading on the topics related to all major topics covering the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the business side of today’s medical practice written by experts in the field. The evolution in health care has created even a greater need for business savvy physicians but has also created a entire niche of financial advisors that focus on advising these business owners physicians. This text fills the gap left by Medical Schools and MBA programs that do not cover this subject matter with any degree of competency.

    After over twenty years in the business as a financial advisor I found myself lacking in the expertise needed to advise my growing clientele of physician clients. The Business of Medical Practice was what truly opened the doors for me in understanding the complexities of managing a successful medical practice while also relating to me as a financial advisor my role in how I can become more effective and useful in guiding my physician clients. I believe now that I am much more effective of a financial advisor for my physician clients and can develop a more meaning financial plan for them because I have a better understanding of their complete financial picture thanks to the concepts, articles and information jammed into these 751 pages.

    In fact, I believe that this should be one of the first texts that a financial advisor should read that has decided to concentrate or specialize in advising physicians with their finances. Even advisors such as myself that have experience in the industry and have graduate degrees in business would learn greatly from this book. While I have studied similar financial topics in an MBA and CFP program, this is the first place I have studied these topics in how they relate to a medical practice.

    The topics that I think most financial advisors and planners would find extremely helpful that are included in this text include:

    • valuation methods of a medical practice
    • medical activity-based cost management
    • accounting for mixed practice costs
    • accounting concerns and fraud prevention for medical practices
    • medical practice benchmarking
    • physician compensation trends and approaches
    • concierge medicine concepts
    • return on practice investment calculations
    • and much more, etc.

    Financial advisors with little medical or health care industry training (isn’t that most financial advisors?) will find the qualitative aspects of medical practice laid out in this book very helpful. How can you competently advise your physician clients unless you have a basic understanding of their financial world? Especially if you are working with a physician practice owner, you will find the information invaluable.

    The text also covers important aspects of the current changing health care economics including EMRs and health information technologies, running a lean medical office, understanding professional medical employer organizations, medical practice marketing and compliance, and just plain understanding how medical practices must operate in the new world of accountable healthcare.

    The health care world is changing fast. Physicians need competent financial advisors that understand them and their business. The financial advisory world today is also changing quickly and is totally unrecognizable from the industry I entered in the late 1980’s in which getting a sales commission on a financial product was the name of the game.

    As the past President of the Financial Planning Association Utah Chapter (2009-2010) and past Chairman (2011) I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with many of our 120+ members which consisted of the more successful financial advisors in the state. I noticed that those practitioners that were experiencing more success and more happiness with their business were the ones that had actually narrowed their practice by developing a niche (government employees, estate planning/or other specialty), or changing their business model (commissions/ fee based to fee only, for example). I have done both.

    The strange thing about “narrowing” your practice is that you then become a financial planner or advisor that is sought out for your expertise. A generalist is an expert in everything that is sought out by nobody in our business now. Those that sit on their hands and watch the change instead of doing something about it will miss the great opportunity that is now there and run the risk of being a part of the consolidation that is occurring now in our industry. I encourage all those FA’s that have thought about furthering their knowledge and becoming a better advisor for their physician clients to get this book.

    David K. Luke, MIM
    [Physician Financial Planner]
    Certified Medical Planner™ – candidate
    President – Financial Planning Association Utah Chapter (2009-2010)
    Past Chairman (2011)

  3. Eugene Schmuckler PhD, MBA, MEd, CTS

    The CMP® Adult Learning On-Line Philosophy

    The world of adult learning is in a state of flux as iMBA Inc realized that students are being taught, but are not actually learning.

    As innovators in education, we are experimenting and finding gratifying success with the “flipped classroom”. Essentially, the part of educating that deals with passive transmission of information is being moved out of the real classroom and into asynchronous computerized transmission classes that learners can participate anywhere and anytime.

    And, homework is being moved to a more interactive classroom under the guidance of iMBA facilitative teachers.

    In this model, our teachers cease to act as passive deliverers of content, and function instead as facilitators of learning.

    Moreover, instead of all learners imbibing the same content at a fixed teacher-driven pace, they learn the materials they need, at their own pace, based on their individual skill levels and time constraints.

    Eugene Schmuckler PhD, MBA, CTS
    [Academic Dean]

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