[“Closing the Deal” from Physician Prospect – to Future Client]

Forget golf balls, pens, key rings or other worthless tchotchkes – Be Memorable – Prospect more successfully with these useful medical office productivity tools!

Now, be the first to inform and delight your doctors by presenting them with helpful office productivity tools. In other words, become a valued partner and a trusted beneficial consultant.

Make a lasting first impression – or strengthen existing relationships – of your personal name brand, advisory firm or consulting group image … How?

Give-away these innovative tools to augment the marketing campaign of any Financial Advisor, Management Consultant or Certified Medical Planner® who targets lucrative and highly sought-after physician clients.


Distribute 1, 2, or all 3 of our Office Productivity Titles:

  1. Office Checklists for Medical Practice:
  2. Electronic Medical Records and IT Security Primer:
  3. Healthcare Business Case Models and Examples:

SAMPLE: HIPAA Compliance

These productivity tools also make the “ideal gift” for a recent medical school graduate, mid-career doctor or maturing medical practitioner in need of practice administration “refresher” manuals for the modern era. And, who doesn’t?


Our prospecting tools can be printed and bound for client presentation under your letterhead, firm name-plate or corporate logo. The PDF file index is by page number and better used as a paper reference manual. And, an unlimited-use license makes “prospecting for pennies” possible. For example, targeting 100 physicians cost you only .99 cents per doctor. Buy, all three tools for your next marketing campaign for only $250. Per units cost are thus reduced to .83 cents, per MD.

Product Specifications: CDs or e-Folders are compatible with any PC or MAC computer; Adobe Acrobat Reader® required.

Price: Only $99 each, plus SPH. Faster delivery via secure email.

e-BOX SET: Only $250 for all three productivity tools via secure e-mail. Add $75 for USPS onground delivery.

ON-GROUND ORDERS: Please send your check or money order to: iMBA Inc, Suite #5901 Wilbanks Drive, Norcross, GA 30092-1141 [770.448.0769]. Add $25 per unit USPS order. E-mail:



Don’t forget our healthcare administration dictionaries, too. They are ideal for all your medical professional clients and prospects! And, are priced right.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details


2 responses to “PROSPECTING

  1. Financial Advisors … Wither Online Prospecting Advice for Physicians?

    iMBA, Inc and the Certified Medical Planner® program was created in response to the frustration felt by doctors in small and mid-sized practices that dealt with top financial, brokerage and accounting firms. These non-fiduciary behemoths often prescribed costly wholesale solutions that were applicable to all, but customized to few, despite ever changing needs.

    Learn why brokerage sales-pitches and/or internet resources will never replace the knowledge and deep advice of a collegial Certified Medical Planner© professional.

    E-mail us for a copy of the free complete report, today.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  2. Try our Dictionaries, Too

    The doctor’s love em’; perfect for imprinting your name – or theirs!

    Ann Miller RN MHA

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