Corporate Sponsors – Forge a strategic alliance relationship and fast mover partnership with iMBA Inc, and the Certified Medical Planner® program.

The Institute of Medical Business Advisors Inc – an educational network – conducts original research, produces textbooks, tools, CD-ROMs, handbooks, health administration dictionaries and compelling online content.  We also sponsor the prestigious Certified Medical Planner® online education and professional designation charter program.

Most importantly, we facilitate a client referral exchange that integrates management and financial solutions so doctors can build their medical practices and enrich their lives. Our products, education and service segments serve physicians, dentists, podiatrists, osteopaths, nurses, hospitals, clinics and all other members of the healthcare community. We also serve financial advisors, institutions, private equity funds, hedge and mutual funds, broker-dealers, RIAs and their traditional onground or website marketing initiatives.

By your corporate support of us, you achieve recognition in a national marketplace that represents “thought-leaders” and visionaries of the healthcare industrial and financial industry complex.

For example, we have networked with Fortune 500 healthcare technology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as financial service corporations and business management consultants; both large and small.

We represent diverse investment opportunities, potential clients and an expanding economic future.

Contact: or call 770.448.0769

“The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare”


  1. Ann Miller RN MHA

    Onsite Classes and Workshops

    Do you have a cohort of employees that need education to become a Certified Medical Planner®?

    We offer onsite classes for groups, BDs, RIAs, financial planning firms, mutual fund companies or other clients on-ground at your facility. Classes can also be crashed or customized to match policies in use.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  2. Ideal for Corporate Education, Seminars and Retreats

    RIAs, BDs, CPA, CFP™ and related wealth management companies looking for education and training to enhance job performance and to quickly provide new or seasoned Financial Advisors and Planners with a solid understanding of physicians and the healthcare industry, including the business processes and how they interact, and the regulatory and marketplace realities that payers must operate in, will find this course ideally suited.

    On the other hand, individual physicians, nurses, healthcare executives and medical professionals looking to expand their own financial capabilities and economic responsibilities will likewise find that the more they know about how the financial services industry works and what the key drivers of success are, the better positioned they will be to achieve their goals.

    Hope Rachel Hetico RN MHA CMP™
    [Online Professor]

  3. Ann Miller RN MHA

    Is the CMP™ Designation for Your RIA, BD, Wealth Management Firm and Advisors?

    We’re interested in individual and companies that understand the benefits of a niche motivated workforce, and that education is the outcome, not the strategy for success. Is that you – your company?

    Engage us to develop a feasibility study for your company in order to bring our Certified Medical Planner™ professional designation program onsite; at you facility or location if choice.

    We’ll asses your needs and work directly with you, or your FAs, CPAs, CFPs® or wealth management consultants, to analyze your firm and deliver our assessment in a report designed to inspire.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  4. Ann Miller RN MHA

    Mr. Mark K. Miller,

    Many thanks for your recent phone call, to Dr. Marcinko, regarding the CMP® online certification program.

    Please see the e-mailed information that you requested.
    There is also an application form which can be completed and returned to us online, or by US mail.


    Thank You Ann,

    Please it is just Mark and yes I would love to stay on your contact list.
    Thanks for the information, too!

    Mark K. Miller
    [Financial Advisor]
    Certified Special Needs Advisor
    NMLS ID: 857251
    Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
    224 Broad Street
    Gadsden, Alabama 35901
    Tel: 256-549-5116

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