The Medical Executive-Post is our companion social-media blog and communications forum for real-time professional interactions.

As an emerging online and onground community, we strive to inform and connect medical professionals, financial advisors and management consultants. We participate in a variety of insightful educational seminars, teaching conferences and national workshops. We produce journals, textbooks and handbooks, white-papers, CDs and award-winning dictionaries. And, our didactic heritage includes innovative R&D, litigation support, opinions for engaged private clients and media sourcing in the sectors we passionately serve. All are highlighted on our social-media blog.

Through the balanced collaboration of this rich-media sharing and ranking forum, we have become a leading professional and social network at the intersection of healthcare administration and practice management, medical economics, business and financial planning for doctors and their consulting advisors and clients.

Even if not seeking our products, services, or the Certified Medical Planner™ desgination, we hope this knowledge-silo is useful to you.

In the Health 2.0 era of political reform, our goal is to: “bridge the gap between practice mission and financial solidarity for all medical professionals.”

Join the ME-P Nation today … and tell us what you think!

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  1. Publisher’s Note:

    You will be viewing our blog forum initially as a guest which gives you limited access to discussions and other features. Guest access allows you to comment to posts but not to start new topics.

    By joining the ME-P you will be able to create new topics, communicate privately with other members, respond to polls, upload content, and access other special features.

    Registration is fast, simple and free! Privacy is assured. Bookmark this page to your favorite professional websites, too!

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  2. Advertise with Us

    The Medical Executive Post [ME-P] is the premier online community and marketing platform that allows you to profile your company’s product and services to financial advisors, stock brokers, financial planners, accountants, wealth-managers and their highly-targeted healthcare professional clients.

    Highlight your company’s news, events, white papers, videos and contact information – all in one place – and update your information 24/7.

    And, because we’ll promote your resources to the entire ME-P eco-space, it’s a highly efficient way to fortify your existing marketing programs with the critical decision makers you’re trying to reach.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  3. What is the iMBA Network?

    We, at iMBA Inc, aim to help the nation’s healthcare professionals make decisive improvements in their direction and performance by empowering them through our unbiased information, proprietary tools, and education programs. The essence of our work can be surmised in three virtual functions: Connect, Learn and Engage. And, our expanding and popular electonic platform for this mission is the

    Through the ME-P, we continually strive to connect financial professionals, business consultants and medical colleagues anytime and anywhere in a secure and productive environment. We offer useful information and critical knowledge to help generate, grow and effectively transfer accumulated wealth. For hospitals and healthcare organizations, iMBA Institutional leverages mission and logistics to assist corporate trustees in their fiduciary responsibilities.

    We also help our ME-P subscribers and clients learn more about financial planning and medical practice management trends. We strive to provide the best Certified Medical Planner™ program education through our affiliated content, online courses, CD-ROMs, subscription service and textbooks. Whether you are a physician, advisor or independent Certified Medical Planner© professional, you will confidently begin to understand the new healthcare financial paradigm and feel empowered to take the right decisions that impact your performance positively.

    We consistently engage the members of healthcare administration and financial planning communities in a relationship of trust and a mutually beneficial symbiotic environment. These relationships serve as a platform for deeper insights and more advantageous impact on the professions.

    Our strong foundation provides us with unparalleled opportunities, while our bold vision pose a daunting challenge to meet our high expectations in terms of professional growth and business performance.

    Join the ME-P Nation, today!

    Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA
    Certified Medical Planner©
    Chief Executive Officer

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