Are you ready for the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ program challenge?

– An Open Letter to all Prospective CMP™ Charter Holder Candidates –

Esteemed Financial Services Colleagues,

The iMBA Inc., live-asynchronous CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ program combines years of health economics, legal, financial and business management leadership, with decades of medical provider experience. The yield from this iMBA team approach is superior knowledge and better outcomes for most any Financial Advisor-Physician Client, engagement.

Our background is equally pertinent to Financial Advisors and Management Consultants, as it is to physicians and healthcare organizations that consider personal and corporate financial strategies from a long-term perspective. Uniquely, we believe that a disciplined short-term perspective enhances long-term value.

Central to any Advisory-Client engagement, and our core CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ philosophy, is whether economic decisions maximizes long-term value. While this often refers to maximization of personal assets, maximization can also be for the benefit of medical practice shareholders; from start-up to exit-strategy.

For example, the concept of “value” was estimated by John Maynard Keynes in his General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, to be the product of speculation. “Forecasting the psychology of the market”, or the prospective yield of physician assets over a lifetime; is vital for survival and ultimate success.

The former is achievable only through luck and happenstance! Speculation is problematic in a volatile space like the health industrial complex; prone to political fiat, marketplace turmoil and unending change … And frankly; consultant hyperbole, overconfidence and hubris! But, the later is achieved with the prudent use of contemporaneous health economics knowledge, management acumen, financial advisory information, and superior didactics. We believe these are the ingredients of the contemporaneous curriculum that comprise the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ online experience.

As Keynes also opined … Our purpose is “to direct new investment ideas into the most profitable (personal physician and medical practice) channels in terms of future yield.” So too, the fiduciary purpose of CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter-holders.

Further paraphrasing, Keynes felt that speculators (or unenlightened financial advisors) may do little initial harm on a steady stream of (physician-client) enterprises. But, the position becomes more serious when “advisors” themselves are the bubbles on a whirlpool of vacuous credentials, dubious certifications, speculations and uninformed “marketing impressions.” And, we could not agree, more!

Despite these challenges, physicians and healthcare entities who consider personal economic and business operations as integral to their futures, may favor the integrated enterprise approach of the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter-holder. Accordingly, Financial Professionals working in the healthcare community, require superior medical management and health industry education We believe that the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ program is not only superior in this didactic regard; it stands-alone.

Thus iMBA Inc, provides more than just health economics information, financial education, ethical attestations, and professional CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ credentials to Financial Professionals of all stripes. We provide an intimate look and understanding of the healthcare industrial complex as a whole. End the uninformed speculation and de-effervesce the frothy bubbles of ignorance … Raise the bar and your voice, to the next generation of informed fiduciary healthcare advisors, and join us for the Certified Medical Planner™ distance-education journey … it is the invited path least taken …


Eugene Schmuckler; PhD MBA MEd

[Dean of Admissions]

Welcome Candidates: CMP.Candidate.Welcome

Raising the Bar – CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™  – The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare


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  1. Gene Schmuckler PhD MBA M.Ed.

    Adult-Learner Testimonials
    [See what CMP™ charter-holders are saying about us?]

    “I really like the supportive approach to learning. The limited number of desired Certified Medical Planner™ practitioners allows the professionals at iMBA, Inc., to take an evident, genuine interest in the success of practitioners. I also agree with the program’s premise that specialization is necessary for success as any type of Financial Advisor, and for providing the best advice to client-medical professionals. I also appreciate that I had the opportunity to submit my first published work.”


    “The CMP™ program has shined a harsh light on how much I still have to learn. I would like for part of the program to include suggestions for continued professional development and practice growth.”


    “I would incorporate some form of case study for each semester that examines some particular topic. I envision almost a quarterly thesis that would be based upon a prearranged list of topics. For example, one thesis may involve the analysis of a set of medium sized practice financials and operating results. As an alternative, the program could incorporate a juried presentation designed to incorporate a wide spectrum of the knowledge gained during the program. Perhaps, this presentation could begin late in the second quarter with subsidiary presentations designed to allow the faculty to gauge progress and suggest revisions. This would likely increase the rigor of the program and make it more difficult for some professionals to undertake it.”


    “I will rank the designations I have earned or have made progress in earning”

    1. CFA (really tough unless you work in securities valuation every day)
    2. CPA (this was a very tough exam and required a lengthy process of learning. However, I think that much of the CPA exam, when I took it, was rote-without a full understanding of the content)
    3. CFP® (this is a little more difficult than the CMP™ mainly because of the time constraints and structure of the exam. It is a little less difficult than the CPA because it incorporates some of the knowledge that CPA’s typically already possess)
    4. CMP™ – Certified Medical Planner™
    5. CLU (these exams were not very difficult but mainly required time and some limited reading)
    6. Securities Licensure (Series 7)
    7. Insurance Licensure”.

    Wayne Firebaugh CPA CLU CFP™ CMP™


    “You will be more able to talk-the-talk of the physicians if you have completed the CMP™ curriculum”


    I was in favor of and still support the Certified Medical Planer™ curriculum … but just like any other academic curriculum, it is an “accretive academic” program rather than an instant “change of life” program. I use the material that I learned on a regular basis, but I cannot say that I use it every day.

    Savant recently hired a physician, Dr. Brian Knabe, MD CFP as an advisor. He is leaving the medical field, transitioning out, and entering the field of the financial advisors. I have encouraged him and he has enrolled in this curriculum. You will be more able to talk the talk of the physicians if you have completed the CMP™ curriculum. I would do it again! Let me know if you wish to discuss this.

    Thomas A. Muldowney MSFS, CFP® ChFC, CLU, CRC, CMP®, AIF®
    Savant Capital Management, Inc®
    190 Buckley Drive
    Rockford, IL 61107
    Tel 815-227-0300
    Fax 815-226-2195


    In a competitive work environment, employers depend on key performers. Then CMP™ program from iMBA Inc., offers professional education that’s flexible, convenient and affordable to help you — and your whole team — enhance skills and prepare for career opportunities.

    Arnold Seltzman
    [New York, NY]

  2. Hope Rachel Hetico


    – Our expectation is that when an advisor is accepted into this program, they are signing on to provide an extra level of commitment to their physician clients; and the medical community is becoming aware of that extraordinary fiduciary and cognitive commitment –

    Hope Rachel Hetico; RN, MHA, CPHQ, CMP™
    President and COO

  3. Hi John,

    I encourage pursuit of the Certified Medical Planner™ designation (I am not on the payroll)!

    As you are already aware, by your own credentials, that the CMP™ designation is cumulative to your other professional designations … it makes you “more whole” for your advisory clients. It is especially helpful in the work with our physician clients, but it has been helpful for non-medical professionals too.

    Let me know if you wish to discuss it.

    Thomas A. Muldowney
    Savant Capital Management
    190 Buckley Drive – Rockford – Illinois – 61107
    Phone 815-227-0300 Fax 815-226-2195

  4. Ann, Hope, Dr. Marcinko, Gene, Edward, Rachel, et al

    Thank you for a great learning experience in the past year!

    My goal in taking the Certified Medical Planner™ professional designation course was to become more knowledgeable, more aware, and more confident about financial planning issues as they relate to physicians. I also wanted to learn more about how and what physicians think about in relationship to money, their practice, and financial planning. I have accomplished that goal.

    And, I believe the 3 new physician clients I have picked up in the past 6 months were due in large part to the knowledge I have received from the CMP™ course work.

    I look forward to being able to make future posts on the iMBA executive post site. Hopefully you will post some of my submissions. You have built a great website!

    I look forward to getting the sheepskin and proudly displaying it in my office. I look forward to spreading the good news about the CMP™ designation. Please don’t hesitate to refer me those that may be thinking about getting the designation.

    Best regards-

    David K. Luke MIM
    Certified Medical Planner™
    Physician Financial Advisor – Fee Only |
    Phone: (801) 937-9103 | Fax: (801) 566-6688



    Thank you for introducing us to this new academic credential. Based on its description, there could be a substantial demand for professionals who attain this training.

    Kind regards,

  6. Dr. Scot Zindel

    Dear Dr. Marcinko,

    Thought you would like to know that I did pass the certification exam with your course material. I did not realize how much material you had sent me. I would attempt to emphasize the importance of starting early to study since there is so much material in your course.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Dr. Scot Zindel

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