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At the iMBA Knowledge Center, we bring to life health administration best practices for BDs, RIAs, consulting firms, private equity and mutual fund companies, institutional wealth managers, hospitals and clinics, and large financial planning and business management firms.

Therefore, as part of the iMBA Research Library®, we highly recommend these Working White-Papers [WW-Ps] on various business management principles of the healthcare industry.

LIST: Summary White Paper Topics

MORE TOPICShttp://healthcarefinancials.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/imba-inc-firm-services.pdf

PRICE: Only $99 each, or $1,100 as a complete boxed set; delivered by email.

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** An Introducton to DeMystifying Market Neutral Mutual Funds **  By Dimitri Sogoloff MD, MBA [© iMBA Inc. All rights reserved USA]

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dimitri Sogoloff is co-founder and managing principal of Alexandra Investment Management LLC, specializing in convertible bond and relative value arbitrage strategies with an emphasis on global diversification and systematic risk reduction through hedging. Previously, he was vice president at LIT America Inc, and responsible for trading in Euro-convertible bonds. Earlier, he was a market-maker in convertible bonds and warrants at Baring Securities who started his career as a convertible bond trader at Quadrex Securities Ltd. Mr. Sogoloff holds a degree in civil engineering and an MBA in finance, both from Columbia University.  He is a member of the NY Society of Quantitative Analysts, the American Finance Society and the Global Association of Risk Professionals.  He is a frequent speaker at industry seminars.

Upon request, we are pleased to email you a complimentary copy of this brief but important working white paper.        


#2: SAMPLE WHITE-PAPER: Physician Creditor Protection for IRAs, Annuities and Insurance for 2014-15

By Edwin P. Morrow III; JD LLM MBA CFP® RFC®

[©2007-17 to present. All rights reserved USA]

CONTACT: MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com

The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare

2 responses to “WW-PAPERS

  1. Ann Miller RN MHA

    The Certified Medical Planner® Knowledge Center of iMBA, Inc.

    At the iMBA Knowledge Center and CMP® Library, we bring to life the insights and best practices for the healthcare industry from financial planning, legal, technology and business management perspectives.

    Beyond the white paper industry arena, and to the personal arena.

    So, if you are a solo, or small group practice, financial services professional or management consultant who wants to take control of your financial future – by empowering yourself to become a nich advisor for medical professionals – our repository of textbooks and handbooks will help in your endeavor.

    ■ Financial Planning & Physician Advisors
    ■ Health Economics and Finance
    ■ Health Information Technology
    ■ Health Insurance & Managed Care
    ■ Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations
    ■ Malpractice and Risk Management
    ■ Medical Office Practice Management

    CMP program library orders thru Amazon: https://certifiedmedicalplanner.org/2012/03/19/library-ceus/

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  2. About our Working White Papers Series

    There are times when white papers are the most effective way for financial advisors and medical professionals to showcase their knowledge and expertise. These thought leadership compositions do not have the usual length limitations of blogs, websites, books or other published print articles.

    Moreover, the absence of external editorial constraints means that the possibilities for topics and subject matter are virtually unlimited. Hence, bylined authors and firms can demonstrate their conceptual mastery and technical skills on a far more granular level than is possible through published articles.

    We work with clients to develop topics and produce compelling original white papers that can be posted on their websites and included among their marketing materials.

    Then, all readers and purchasers benefit by the end product.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

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