The Disciplinary Process for Miscreant Behavior 

CMP logoLike medical professionals, all licensed Certified Medical Planner™ charter-holders are required to act in accordance with many governing regulations. They are also required to sign off on a Code-of-Ethics confirming they intend to run their advisory and/or management consulting business according to a strict set of ethical and fiduciary standards.

So, if any medical professional client has a complaint against any Certified Medical Planner™ charter-holder, they may submit a complaint to us and we will investigate the matter. All Certified Medical Planner™ designees should act in accordance with the Code-of-Ethics, along with applicable state and federal governing regulatory bodies.

Complaints by US Mail:

Please send the complaint in writing, and include any supporting documents you deem appropriate, to this address:

The Institute of Medical Business Advisors, Inc

  • Peachtree Planatation West – Office Park
  • Suite #5901 Wilbanks Drive
  • Norcross, GA 30092-1141

Information Required:

The complaint should be accompanied by any and all relevant information surrounding the circumstances, including photocopies of relevant letters, contracts, agreements or other documents.  iMBA Inc may request additional information and may request a personal interview of the alleged offender, if it appears necessary.

The medical community should be aware of normal remedies under state laws, federal laws and related regulations with applicable regulatory bodies and  avail themselves to all avenues [SEC, FINRA, RIA and Insurance Commissioners, etc]. The burden is on the complainant to pursue such remedies. The findings and actions of appropriate regulatory bodies will be given due consideration by iMBA Inc.

Censure and/or loss of license may occur.



  1. Maintenance Of Certification [MOC]
    Please see and/or contact:
    Shannon Cronin – [Verifications Specialist]
    National Compliance Service
    355 N.E. 5th Avenue Suite #4
    Delray Beach, FL 33483
    Phone: 561-330-7645 x 308
    Fax: 561-330-7044

  2. iMBA, Inc., Examination Integrity and Honesty Attestation Pledge Statement

    Adult learners and students are encouraged to model behaviors that reflect honesty and integrity, and therefore, may not engage in or tolerate cheating, plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty and/or related misconduct. Students should work solely to accomplish educational objectives; and are also responsible for their own work on this “blue-book” examination.

    After completing the self-directed and “robo” self-taught immersion course, all adult learners and students are required to read and attest to the iMBA, Inc., Academic Integrity Pledge. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, falsification of identity; plagiarizing and/or cheating on this test or receiving ambient assistance. Violation will result in penalties listed under the disciplinary section of our website.

    By signature below, I acknowledge that I understand the iMBA Inc., Academic Integrity Pledge.

    On my honor, I affirm that I will not operate dishonestly in this examination. I know that if I fail to uphold this pledge, I will be penalized under guidelines established by iMBA, Inc.

    Gene Schmuckler PhD MBA MEd
    [Academic Dean]

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