As educators, financial advisors, doctors, nurses, PhDs, MBAs and healthcare economists, a large part of our job at iMBA Inc … is to make your job … well, easier.

For example, as a journalist, member of the media or press, if you:

  • Need a new story about health insurance or financial reform?
  • Require a quick quote on the rise of collaborative medicine, new-wave practice management or e-Health 2.0?
  • Wondering if financial advisors should be concerned about the latest health industry trends or how fluctuating management, technology, insurance, investing, policy and bank lending practices might impact medical practices, advisory practices, RIAs, the economy or stock market?
  • Need an essay, article, trade-magazine, other publication or traditional white paper?
  • Even better yet … you need a story idea, informed quip, or subject matter expert opinion … and you need it yesterday.

Contact us today! As nationally known subject matter experts and industry “thought-leaders”, we’d be happy to field your questions and give you something you can really write home about.



Have a new job? Won an award? Got a promotion? Published a book? We want to know what Medical Executive-Post and Certified Medical Planner® charter-holders are up to. Please share your news with your colleagues by sending it to us. Promote yourself!

When you contact us, we’ll answer personally by phone, voice mail, blog or email with a unique perspective on the latest news that affects physicians, financial advisors, medical economists and all stakeholders of the healthcare industrial complex.

  • Ann Miller RN MHA [Executive-Director]

Certified Medical Planner

The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare

4 responses to “CONTACT – MEDIA AND PRESS

  1. Ann Miller RN MHA

    PRESS: Request an iMBA Subject Matter Expert or Speaker

    The iMBA Expert Speakers’ Bureau will help you find the keynote speaker or CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter-holder you need for financial or health conventions, medical society prospecting meetings, or wealth management marketing seminars.

    Our nationally known speakers are ideal for RIAs, BDs, mutual fund companies, medical societies or independent financial advisory firms seeking information for their FAs or representatives in the healthcare space.

    You can choose from among dual degreed medical or financial professionals with expertise in most areas of personal finance, health economics, information technology, managed care and medical business management.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  2. Ann Miller RN MHA

    INDUSTRY: Become an iMBA Inc. Sponsor

    By supporting the educational initiatives of iMBA, you promote the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ designation and re-enforce your brand in a national marketplace of thought leaders, visionaries, essayists and futurists of the financial services industry.

    For example, we have networked with Fortune 500 healthcare technology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as financial service corporations and business management consultants; large and small. We represent diverse investment opportunities, potential clients and an expanding economic future.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  3. Ann Miller RN MHA

    Wayne Firebaugh CPA, CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ on the Radio

    Join Wayne Firebaugh CPA, CMP™ live Mondays & Tuesdays 8-9am from the FOX Radio 910 studios as he answers your questions & guides you through your financial woes.

    Call in with your inquiries on the studio line at 540-343-9397 or e-mail!

    Wayne Firebaugh, Inc., is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor providing financial advice and investment management to individuals, corporate retirement plans, and institutions. When asked what “fee-only” means, we answer that it allows us to provide objective, unbiased advice because we do not accept commissions.

    If we recommend an investment or insurance product to a client, we make our suggestion based on the professional belief it is in the best interest of the client not because some company pays us to sell their product. We are beholden to no one except our clients.

    In fact, we gladly accept the role of fiduciary to our clients. The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors describes what it means to be such an adviser.

    via Ann Miller RN MHA

  4. Ann,

    This is really interesting and I’d love to write about it.
    Can we talk about the program sometime?

    Bob Clark
    Financial Planning Magazine

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