I understand and acknowledge that a Certified Medical Planner™ professional is a fiduciary practitioner who holds a special position of trust within the medical community.

Our mandate is to utmost client loyalty, duty and disclosure. My loyalty requires deep subject matter knowledge and continuing education. My duty exceeds mere SEC “suitability” requirements. My disclosure will include all material engagement facts.

And – at all times – I pledge that client interest is placed ahead of self interest.


Chime-In on Fiduciary Discussions:

An ME-P interview with Bennett Aikin AIF®, Comunications Coordinator for

“The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare”

One response to “ETHICS


    It’s all About Credibility

    The Certified Medical Planner™ program was launched in 2006 and its notoriety has grown with RIA and fiduciary advisors of all stripes; while garnering the ire of industry RRs and brokers.

    For example, a recent group of surveyed physicians said that fiduciary accountability, health economics expertise and medical management acumen mattered most to them when selecting a financial advisor (FA). But, many did not know that the majority of financial “advisors” eschewed accountability. Hence – our existence and cause.

    In additional related research of physicians and medical practitioners, it was revealed that:

    • 85% of those surveyed considered practice-related health economics information very important to them.

    • 75% objected to demeaning sales metaphors like “financial-doctor” or “physician for your finances” when informed of a non-fiduciary relationship.

    • 70% heavily favored processes and solutions – to specific problems or needs – versus a general sales or stock-broker approach.

    • 65% found the integrated financial advisor-medical management format more useful than a financial product sales presentation or generic financial services provider.

    • Most physicians respected the MBA, PhD and JD degrees, as well as the CPA designation; while virtually all other designations were lightly known, including several industry vanguards.

    • 90% felt the finance-services sector – and FAs – knew little about the domestic healthcare industry.

    • Most physicians ranked financial-services industry ethics as “suspicious”, or not “trustworthy.”

    • Over 82% of physicians surveyed said they would like to lean more about any new medical and fiduciary-focused designation, like the Certified Medical Planner™ professional charter.

    Source: Annual blended research conducted 2006-12 by iMBA Inc.

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